Installation of Ceiling Roses
midres-ceiling-roses-installation by NMC Copley Decor
Each one of our ceiling roses is produced from a tough lightweight polyurethane material, which comes with a pre-primed robust surface which will accept any paint finish.
1 Preperation
  • Firstly, Switch of the electricity at the mains.
  • All mouldings should be fixed to clean plaster, before starting remove any old wallpaper, paint, grease or dirt.  If applying to new plaster make sure it has been sealed/primed first.
3 Position the Ceiling Rose
  • Apply a bead of Decorgrip Adhesive along the whole edge of the ceiling rose.
  • Position the rose on the ceiling.
  • Seal the surrounding joint with Decorgrip Adhesive.
2 Align the Ceiling Rose
  • Align the ceiling rose on the ceiling, measure and mark its position.
  • If necessary, create an opening for the electrical cable and the light fixture using a hole cutter or saw.
Additional Info
  • Please wait 24 hours after installation before you apply your finishing coat.
  • NMC Copley ceiling roses are coated with a primer so no additional preparation is needed.
  • The ceiling rose must be covered with a finishing coat within two weeks after installation and will accept most decorative paints. For best results use an acrylic eggshell.