ARSTYL 3D Wall Tiles WING Room Shot

Passion and visions for great design.  
Decorative 3D wall elements for an effective interior design.  

After successfully introducing ARSTYL® wall panels
onto the market, NMC has now expanded
its product range of three-dimensional design elements
made of polyurethane to include a brand
new product. The ARSTYL® wall tiles, developed
by Mac Stopa – the internationally renowned
and successful designer from Poland – will
be presented for the first time at the beginning of
March at the „FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE“ trade
fair for facade design and interior architecture.

NMC‘s ARSTYL® series is being continually developed.
After successfully introducing the ARSTYL®
wall panels, the three-dimensional wall panels,
the company is going to present its new product,
ARSTYL® wall tiles, for the first time at the beginning
of March at „Fabre, Ausbau und Fassade“
– the European trade fair for facade design
and interior architecture in Munich, Germany.
The three-dimensional decorative wall elements
made of polyurethane were created by Mac Stopa,
founder, leading architect and designer of Massive
Design – one of the lead architectural design companies,
specifically for NMC. There are three versions:
„Coral“, „Wing“ and „Ray“. These natural-related
terms are associated with the sea, air and flowing
movements. At the same time, they each mediate an
image of the shape of the product and impart inspiration
of the natural impression – coral, wings and rays.

Effective and playful impression
Mac Stopa and NMC share passion and visions for
great design. The renowned product designers, who
specialises in interior designs among other areas, raves
about all forms of geometry and the possibilities
of metamorphosis. He was so inspired by the wall
panels that he developed this idea further for NMC.
The desired strong joint image constantly provides
a new look that influ-ences each design in a completely
different way. They can be arranged individually,
horizontally, vertically or modularly and
therefore produce a wide range of effects. It is, for
example, possible to develop small area or even
a whole wall using the decorative wall elements.
They are particu-larly useful for specifically creating
selected highlights in a room. The desired strong
joint image constantly provides a new look that influences
each design in a completely different way.
The wall tiles particularly come into their own thanks
to the colourful accents. Whether modular, modern or
architectural – the effect is impres-sively different, yet
unique and always exceptionally playful. The decorative
wall elements can be beautifully combined with
any style of interior decoration and allow for individual,
creative and varying wall designs in any interior.

Simple and safe processing
The relatively light, yet robust wall elements from
the specialist can be installed easily and quickly
using Adefix® Plus – an adhesive developed
by NMC themselves. The wall elements can be
conveniently connected. Their factory-made matt
white acrylic primer ensures the optimum adhesion
of the final coat, and the perfectly finished
sides allow for tailor-made finishing. Thanks to
the imaginative colour patterns it is possible to
emphasize specific feature and design rooms
with a completely personal interpretation. For
example, the new decorative wall elements also
pro-vide an ideal basis for design-oriented and
effective design solutions. Technical information,
processing instructions and attractive application
examples can be found at

ARSTYL 3D Wall Tiles RAY






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20 March 2018

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