SQUARE Arstyl® 3D Wall Panel 1pc


SQUARE Arstyl® 3D Wall Panel 1pc

SQUARE oozes a feeling of well being allowing every single interior to be given its own unique signature

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SQUARE Arstyl® 3D Wall Panel 1pc

SQUARE is a 2016 Miaw Award winner, which recognises the most creative products in the architectural design fields. Designer Michaël Bihain has created a simplistic and geometric 3D wall panel to personalise spaces like homes or hotels. Install the SQUARE wall panels on the wall or ceiling, either as a bespoke pattern or to cover the entire surface.


Advantages of SQUARE ARSTYL® wall panel:

  • Create 3D wall designs
  • Combinable with indirect LED lighting
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple installation
  • Miaw Award winner

SQUARE ARSTYL® wall panel arrives primed and ready for painting in the final colour. Suitable paints include water-based emulsion, acrylic or PU-based emulsion and alkyd resin. Always perform a test coat before fully painting and ensure the panels are dried before fixing in place with Copley Decor Grip PLUS Adhesive


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ARSTYL Wall Panels

The ARSTYL® range for wall and ceiling embellishments has now taken its passion for decoration to a whole next level and proudly presents its Wall Panels. These new generation wall decorations will give your interior a highly inspired new look, neat structure or a coloured relief design.


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