IL12 BLACK WALLSTYL® 2m Coving Lighting Solution


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Noel & Marquet Design Elements


IL12 BLACK WALLSTYL® 2m Coving Lighting Solution

This slick and agile lighting profile favours creative wall design and enables you to spread light across rooms easily. The element’s true strength lies in its simplicity, which renders multiple application possibilities; the IL12 BLACK WALLSTYL® can be installed on all parts of the wall and even on furniture. The characterful black finish also makes this element a favourite when it comes to providing a space with an added touch of warmth and intimacy.

Black to the core, the IL12 BLACK profile is made of high-density polystyrene and is impact and moisture resistant. The semi-matt finish and anti-scratch coating ensure longevity in terms of both style and quality. With the light off, the black diffuser is nearly invisible, ensuring a clean finish. Once the LED strip is turned on, the diffuser distributes the light evenly, providing a soft and warm light. Installation couldn’t be easier with ADEFIX® PLUS adhesive.

This product comes with a Black diffuser and has a 2-3 week delivery lead time.  

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Shock Resistant
  • For indoor use


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Noel & Marquet - Design Elements

NOËL & MARQUET design elements provide you with solutions for creative interior design to turn every space into your own living space – the perfect solution in fact, for every taste and every style.  
Noel & Marquet Design Elements


A range of shock-resistant mouldings, chair-rails and baseboards in various styles for all tastes.
  • Save time and money:  mouldings, chair-rails and baseboards are fabric-primed.
  • Easy-care: once the products have been installed, no particular maintenance is required.
  • Toughness: they are shockproof and as tough as many varieties of wood.
  • Good looks, thanks to their longer length the number of seams can be reduced.
  • Humidity resistance: being synthetic, the baseboard surfaces can be cleaned easily.


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