CORAL Arstyl® 3D Wall Tile 1pc


CORAL Arstyl® 3D Wall Tile 1pc

A coral wave for walls in motion. Panels with a powerful effect. A real visual treat, between waves and imprints.


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CORAL Arstyl® 3D Wall Tile 1pc

Each individual CORAL wall tile is uniform and can be combined to create unique feature pieces. Designer Mac Stopa combines the definitive lines of geometry with the smooth irregular curves and shadow seen in water and coral.

The CORAL ARSTYL® wall tiles enable interiors to become a complete personal expression, with bespoke decor not found anywhere else. There are numerous possibilities for placing the CORAL wall tiles.

Advantages of CORAL ARSTYL® wall tiles:

  • Create unique designs
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple installation

The CORAL ARSTYL® wall tiles were a 2017 Red Dot Design Award winner, due to their unique creative style. Installing CORAL is fast and precise. The wall tiles arrive smoothly primed and ready for their final coat of paint, to match or contrast the tones of the wall behind. After deciding the pattern and placement of the CORAL ARSTYL® wall tiles, the next step is to simply glue to the pieces in place.


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ARSTYL Wall Tiles

Decorative panels for creative design of 3D walls. Adaptable for an original finish and unique interior. Create and shape your dreams !  


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