CR5 ARSTYL® Ceiling Rose


3 Dimensional ceiling centre, can also be used as wall decoration

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CR5 Arstyl®  Ceiling Rose

A lightweight PU ceiling rose which is light, strong and very easy to install in comparison to heavy plaster products.

  • 3 Dimensional design which can also be used as a wall decoration.
  • When choosing your Rose take into consideration the size and height of your room.
  • Perfect for commercial and DIY projects and light enough for just one person to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready for painting with your preferred finish.
  • A rough back surface to offer optimum bonding.
  • Very precise patterns and structure with exceptional resistance to breaking and shocks.
  • Water and humidity resistant which makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • CR5 Installation guide available here or in our downloads section.
  • We recommend NMC Copley Decor Grip to install this product.


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