NOËL & MARQUET - THE NEW PREMIUM BRAND FOR THE PROFESSIONAL NMC is setting off on a new journey. The Belgian company is using its new premium brand, NOËL & MARQUET, to underscore its new strategic direction and vision: it is moving away from being purely a manufacturer of mouldings and repositioning itself as a focused, high-profile, connected driving force.

NMC, the Belgian manufacturer of designer mouldings, is a strong company with deep roots: a company with history, two founding fathers, a home, its own very special philosophy, and exemplary environmental credentials, and a company with a long tradition. NMC can look back on almost 70 years of history, during which the company has transformed itself from a firm selling household products into a group of companies dealing in synthetic foams in over 100 countries.

Back in 1950, Gert Noël and his business partner Raymond Marquet founded Noël Marquet & Cie in the small Belgian village of Hauset. The development of innovative technologies meant that decorative products which were originally made by hand became affordable to everyone, in all their unprecedented perfection and rich variety. Nowadays the family firm’s headquarters in Eynatten has its own production workshops and an in-house research and development department which is constantly working on ever more innovative design products and ideas; this gives the company its own unique product know-how.

While the best-sellers in the early years came from the Arstyl and Nomastyl ranges of ceiling coving, the range has subsequently been very successfully expanded to include new products such as impact-resistant baseboards and wall mouldings, 3D design elements and lighting solutions. NMC today is a leading manufacturer of products to meet every interior decorating need. To keep pace with constantly evolving new demands from the market, the company conducts regular surveys among its customers and staff as well as extensive one-on-one interviews with top decisionmakers. These have clearly shown that what customers want is even greater emotionality, inspiration, design focus and clarity. So the creation of a premium brand is the logical next step in the future development, underscoring the Belgian company’s new strategic thrust and vision: it is moving away from being purely a manufacturer of mouldings and repositioning itself as an inspirational trend-setter in the world of interior design.

NOËL & MARQUET – the premium brand for the professional from NMC The company unveiled its new NOËL & MARQUET brand on 20 March 2019 for the first time at the industry show ‘Farbe, Ausbau und Fassade’ in Cologne, thereby underscoring its commitment to making some radical changes. NOËL & MARQUET represents decades of expertise in the field of premium design, and offers a guarantee of quality, service and advice at the highest level: truly a premium brand for the professional. The new brand and the clearly structured portfolio reflect what makes the company stand out and what motivates its workforce: experience and a passion for innovation, design, inspiration, development and quality. “We are convinced that in today’s world, our customers need innovative, value-driven suggestions and advisors,” says Roger Aussems, Business Unit Manager Design Elements. “The new brand NOËL & MARQUET is intended to be NMC’s contribution towards helping people to feel happy within their own four walls, and we combine this with the pledge that we are always one step ahead, creating added value for our customers.” The philosophy and roots that have underpinned NMC for almost 70 years will also continue unchanged into the future. This experience, coupled with an outstanding sense of innovation, make NOËL & MARQUET products unique in terms of their attractiveness, authenticity and quality. NOËL & MARQUET – a brand of NMC.

The new brand marries tradition with modernity to deliver exclusivity The new brand identity is expressed through a new corporate design, complete with its own logo, illustrating the founders’ values. This is a brand image that features tradition and modernity in equal measures. NOËL & MARQUET clearly communicates the message that behind this brand stand the people who have created it.

Solid added value for the user The new claim ‘Create Unique Living Spaces’ underscores the future thrust and is intended to offer the user simultaneously both encouragement and a challenge: ‘NOËL & MARQUET – Design Elements’ will enable the creation of unique living spaces which foster a feeling of well-being.