NOËL & MARQUET – Premium brand and inspiration for the professional The roll-out of the new NOËL & MARQUET brand has gone hand in hand with the introduction of new products on to the market which impressively underscore this new direction. The very versatile, linear and minimalistic mouldings are completely in tune with the contemporary trend towards purity of line. For direct application on the spot, though, the do-it-yourselfer is given some creative yet easy to achieve design ideas which have been exclusively developed by architects and designers, and which NMC will be regularly bringing to market as a source of inspiration.

NMC, the Belgian manufacturer of designer mouldings, is using its new premium brand, NOËL & MARQUET, to underscore its new strategic thrust and vision: it is moving away from being purely a manufacturer of mouldings to reposition itself as a modern, inspirational trend-setter. NOËL & MARQUET stands for decades of know-how and a strong spirit of innovation in the field of premium design, and is a guarantee of quality, service and advice as well as a unique world of products of the very highest standard: NOËL & MARQUET – a brand of NMC. The premium brand for the professional. The introduction of this new brand at the “Farbe, Ausbau und Fassade” trade show in Cologne was therefore accompanied by the unveiling of 16 new products, boldly underscoring the new direction being pursued by the NOËL & MARQUET brand. The versatile new mouldings are completely in tune with the current trend towards minimalism, which so dominates contemporary interior design. Their pared-down design and clear formal language help to create a living style which is in equal parts constantly timeless, sleek and elegant. A clear ambience with precisely the right balance between elegant restraint and exciting accents.

Minimalistic mouldings can be used in two ways – on a stand-alone basis and for indirect lighting The five new mouldings from Belgian designer Michaël Bihain, IL5 – IL9 (ARSTYL®), chime perfectly with this modern spirit of the age: they are pared-down, linear and perfectly proportioned, and thanks to a small groove at the back, they can also be fitted with LED strips, meaning that they can equally provide indirect lighting solutions. The clear geometric shapes offer architects and interior designers, decorators, painters and other creative types multiple applications and possible combinations, and thus a whole new, very specific world of options for both new-build and renovation projects, whether on a domestic or contract basis.
Mouldings with memory effect – quality and design revisited The two “memory-effect” mouldings (IL7 and IL9) are particularly worth a mention. This is where the famous designer has integrated pre-existing mouldings into the new ones, and this stroke of genius has combined two worlds: the minimalistic moves more towards centre stage, and the existing one gets a clever make-over. These memory mouldings can be stylishly incorporated into a host of design worlds – either to add a touch of lightness to a classic look, or to give a traditional touch to a minimalistic interior. A product with a genuine story, a startling result full of emotions – just like the new NOËL & MARQUET brand. Quality and design revisited.

New minimalistic mouldings – so versatile Six classic, linear and pared-down mouldings for skirting, walls and ceilings, four door surrounds and a corner moulding impressively complete the new NOËL & MARQUET product portfolio. All in quite minimalistic design, sleek, simple and smooth. The models for the skirting boards are all line-free, two of them are reversible and in addition there is a new skirting cover strip as well as a very effective new wall and ceiling moulding which can be fitted in four different ways.

Solid added value for the user The new claim “Create Unique Living Spaces” underscores the future thrust and is intended to offer the user simultaneously both encouragement and a challenge: ‘NOËL & MARQUET – Design Elements’ will enable the creation of unique living spaces which foster a feeling of well-being. A whole new world of creative interior designs. Inspiration for the home. From the outset, the range will contain decorative ideas which are creative yet simple to achieve, developed by architects and designers exclusively for NMC and brought to the market as a source of inspiration. The first five ideas were presented at the trade stand; fresh ones will be following every year.
Clear product structuring – for a rapid result To make it quicker and easier for customers to target just the right product from among this comprehensive range, all the articles are sorted into application categories. So customers can now use the following categories to navigate: ceiling mouldings, wall mouldings, baseboards, light mouldings, functional mouldings, design elements and cladding design. Within these areas of application, a further distinction is drawn between the two manufacturing processes (foaming and extrusion). For all the more costly, lovingly detailed three-dimensional shapes, the foaming process uses top-quality aluminium forms, into which the high-density polyurethane foam (ARSTYL®) is sprayed. The result is precision-made design elements, either particularly rich in detail or pared-down in their modernity. NMC is the only manufacturer using this production process to achieve Euroclass B fire performance certification for its mouldings. A genuine plus point!

This makes ARSTYL® mouldings particularly suited to the enhanced fire protection requirements in the contract market. The alternative is the extrusion procedure, whereby medium- to high-density polystyrene is formed into either lightweight ceiling coving (NOMASTYL®) or impact-resistant wall and skirting strips (WALLSTYL®). The main distinguishing feature here is the density of the material. In all cases, NOËL & MARQUET’s products are uniquely attractive and authentic, and offer exceptional quality. Whether modern, classic or timeless, minimalist or cosy, whether for the home or for contract projects, customers can enjoy innovative solutions for creative interior designs. Solutions that can make any room into something really special – accommodating any taste, any requirements and any style. “With its new NOËL & MARQUET brand, NMC is fulfilling its vision and its promise by harnessing innovative impulses to deliver added value for its customers and create unique living spaces for the end user,” states Roger Aussems, Business Unit Manager DESIGN ELEMENTS. NOËL & MARQUET – Create Unique Living Spaces.

The new design world for new-build, renovation and contract purposes The new mouldings from Belgian designer Michaël Bihain are pared-down, linear and perfectly proportioned, and thanks to a small groove at the back, they can also be fitted with LED strips, meaning that they can be used independently or as indirect lighting solutions.