New in the NOËL & MARQUET range: the WALLSTYL® IL10 and IL11 light baseboards – two products with numerous potential applications each. Convincing as baseboards thanks to their puristic design, they are also ideal for creative applications with LED light. They can moreover be used as highlight on walls and ceilings or door borders.

Whether for your own four walls or in a public interior, the impact-resistant light baseboards from the WALLSTYL® collection will create a special atmosphere in no time!


With their modern, timeless design and multifunctionality, these new light strips are bound to make an impression as they confer ever so effective interior moods.

Whereas the light strip is on the narrow side in the IL10 and thus shines upward or downward on the wall depending on the orientation, it is on the wide side in the IL11 and shines into the room.

A suitable recess in both light baseboards ensures that many LED strips can be attached in optimal fashion. They are supplied with the diffuser screen (but not with the LED strip).

Thanks to their high material density, WALLSTYL® light strips provide optimal protection for the wall against impact from a vacuum cleaner, a chair, etc.

In addition, they are water resistant and can consequently be used in every room – including the bathroom. A special LED strip suitable for damp rooms is nonetheless recommended. Electricians will certainly be happy to advise you on this matter.

Both designs are easy to install and are already primed. They are made to provide ideal direct and indirect lighting for walls, floors and ceilings. 

The perfect mood setters

It is a matter of common knowledge that light exerts considerable influence on our well-being. It affects our feelings, and rooms can be given a makeover with skilfully placed light sources.

NOËL & MARQUET baseboard light strips can be used to create individual, refined living interiors, each with a convincing, special atmosphere. Walls, ceilings, floors or door frames are illuminated and turned into eyecatchers.

Suitable for every floor and every interior

WALLSTYL® light strips blend harmoniously in every room. Whether modern, classic or timeless, puristic or cosy interior, in a private or public setting, these strips will match any floor covering: vinyl covering or self-levelling screed, wooden parquet or tiles… you are always on the safe side with baseboard light strips from NOËL & MARQUET.

The right adhesive

For optimal results when installing light strips, NOËL & MARQUET recommends ADEFIX fixing adhesive and DECORGRIP PLUS butt joint adhesive.

Thanks to the new IL10 and IL11 light baseboards from NOËL & MARQUET, creative design with light knows no bounds.

Create unique living spaces!