PUZZLE New model expands the ARSTYL® wall panels & tiles collection

PUZZLE design elements can be combined with each other in many ways to create a unique 3D effect 


NEW - Beautiful lighting effects with the IL12

Universally applicable, the IL12 profile offers maximin design freedom and is perfect for creating special atmospheres with light   


NEW - Stylish 3D wall design with ARSTYL® PYRAMID

Simple design with a great effect: PYRAMID wall panels convince with a clear form and gives walls an exciting structure 


Refine your interior with NMC Copley

Choose from our exclusive range of covings, 3D wall panels, ceiling roses and skirting boards


Decorative profiles with a minimalist design that naturally follow the current trends towards purism.

When walls become art

Our range of wall panels create strong highlights on walls and ceilings

Indirect Lighting Solutions

Create a cosy atmosphere and enhance your walls with our new range of coving lighting solutions


NOËL & MARQUET design elements provide you with solutions for creative interior design to turn every space into your own living space – the perfect solution in fact, for every taste and every style.

Let us give some inspiration!

Coving by Copley Decor


Not only decorative but functional, forming a visual transition between wall and ceiling.

Covings, dado rail and Skirting Boards


Covings, dado rails, skirtings and wall decorations can be combined with direct or indirect lighting to create a cosy ambiance.

Wall Tiles By NMC Copley Decor


Decorate your walls with ARSTYL® panels or tiles to give a modern touch to your interior.

skirting and architraves


Our skirtings are 100% water resistant and shock proof, fitting into your daily home activities.

new arstyl wall panels


These new generation wall panels will give your interior a highly inspired new look, neat structure or coloured relief design.

ceiling roses


Decorative ceiling roses designed to enhance the appearance of your ceiling and feature lighting and now more modernly used as a wall  decoration.


With right nuances – a subtle illumination of the ceiling and perfectly it accents you will be enveloped in an ambiance of comfort and harmony.  Indirect lighting is the key to this cosy feeling and with the sleek mouldings from NMC Copley its easy to create.  Avantagarde, classical straight lines or romantic and playful, NMC Copley has the perfect mouldings for every interior.

Project Knowledge

Explore NMC Copley Decor knowledge base for inspiration, creativity, information and expertise.


New Paired down mouldings emphasise the new direction from Noel & Marquet

New Paired down mouldings emphasise the new direction from Noel & Marquet

NOËL & MARQUET – Premium brand and inspiration for the professional The roll-out of the new NOËL & MARQUET brand has gone hand in hand with the introduction of new products on to the market which impressively underscore this new direction. The very versatile, linear and minimalistic mouldings are completely in tune with the contemporary trend towards purity of line. For direct application on the spot, though, the do-it-yourselfer is given some creative yet easy to achieve design ideas which have been exclusively developed by architects and designers, and which NMC will be regularly bringing to market as a source of inspiration.

New design options  with baseboards and light

New design options with baseboards and light

New in the NOËL & MARQUET range: the WALLSTYL® IL10 and IL11 light baseboards – two products with numerous potential applications each. Convincing as baseboards thanks to their puristic design, they are also ideal for creative applications with LED light. They can moreover be used as highlight on walls and ceilings or door borders.

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